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Welcome to my blog! Since 2001 I've written1,000+ postsabout software/personal development, technology, minimalism, FIRE, movies, startups and my life. These span three separate blogs, with all articles linked from here.

This blog Focuses on exploring the intersection of minimalism, mindfulness and technology + my journal.

Minafi Financial indepenence, investing and my journy to retire early (36 ✔️).

Hardcover Building Hardcover in public.

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20151 article

Spending all of your time something can hold you back.

20142 articles

Code School, travel to Japan, audiobooks, Angular and Mrs. Minafi.

Areas where others guidance has had a huge impact on me.

20133 articles

Sanibel, Miani, Portland, WWDC, BarCampOrlando, lots of Code School courses.

Data viz using the wavy style of XKCD.

Going from not working out to CrossFit every day.

20122 articles

My major focus of 2012 was around living healthy. Going the gym, eating cleaner and using that energy to enjoy life.

My mindset and reason for pursuing minimalism.

20113 articles

Disney, a New York trip, amazing music and live shows.

Write what you'd want to accomplish this year in the past-tense.

The process and cost of LASIK.

20102 articles

Refining development skills, traveling mostly and challenging myself to create more.

One of my first open source libraries.

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20081 article
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