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Welcome to my blog! Since 2001 I've written1,000+ postsabout software/personal development, technology, minimalism, FIRE, movies, startups and my life. These span three separate blogs, with all articles linked from here.

This blog Focuses on exploring the intersection of minimalism, mindfulness and technology + my journal.

Minafi Financial indepenence, investing and my journy to retire early (36 ✔️).

Hardcover Building Hardcover in public.

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202312 articles

How I used Stable Diffusion to generate art nouveau inspired portraits of my wife.

Twitter was one of the first tech giants to embrace the developer community. That goodwill is now gone.

20222 articles

Some of the top themes for this year were growing closer with friends, knee surgery & recovery, loss, Hardcover and finding balance.

Here's a look at what I'm thinking about for my 40s.

20216 articles

My yearly recap of everything that happened during the previous year.

We set out to hike 100 miles across the mountains of Utah at altitudes above 10,000ft. What happened next wasn't planned.

Each month I chose a theme, like "Focus", "Finish" and "Routine".

20205 articles

COVID-19, South Utah hiking trip, misinformation, Minafi.

Create a list of local spots you can drive to that inspire you.