Welcome to my blog! Since 2001 I've written623 postsabout software/personal development, technology, minimalism, FIRE, movies, startups and my life. These span three separate blogs, with all articles linked from here.

This blog Focuses on exploring the intersection of minimalism, mindfulness and technology + my journal.

Minafi Financial indepenence, investing and my journy to retire early (36 ✔️).

Hardcover Building Hardcover in public.

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Self-improvement, goals, career development, and anything that results in you being better than you used to be. This includes personal stories and experiments alongside inspirational ideas and concepts.

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Hardcover, physical therapy, and having fun with friends.

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Here's a look at what I'm thinking about for my 40s.

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My yearly recap of everything that happened during the previous year.

Each month I chose a theme, like "Focus", "Finish" and "Routine".

Whether physical, symbolic or digital, a garden helps you focus on one thing: growth.

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COVID-19, South Utah hiking trip, misinformation, Minafi.

Some people claim they'd be bored if they retired. Others have enough activities to be content for a lifetime. What have some people figured out?