Here’s a look at what I’m up to right now as of September 10, 2023.


I’m working on a data visualization based on The Histomap but using social media instead of countries. It’s using D3.js and Svelte (or at least that’s the plan). There’s a lot I’ll need to learn – mostly about Svelte and d3.force simulations.


Last month we launched a big refresh of Hardcover (upgrading from Next.js 12 to 13). Now I’m fixing bugs and preparing for our ProductHunt launch (mid-September 🤞).


Not that I’m mostly recovered from ACL surgery (July ’22), I’ve been exercising more. Lately I’ve been going to the gym 2x a week and riding the Peloton 3x a week for 45 minutes. On top of that I’m going for a 45 minute outside each day (which is somehow uphill both ways).

The walk was recommended by my primary care physician to help with sleep and blood pressure.


For September I’m making it a point to go through our expenses, audit spending and come up with a better budget. We’ve been spending whatever we want lately, and it’s not great for our overall numbers.

Social Life

August was an extremely social month (Lake Tahoe Trip, Marilyns birthday, other friends birthdays, music shows, broadway shows, and more). For September I’ve mostly been taking it easy and trying to recover.

Marilyn also had COVID for a week, leading us to quarantine. I didn’t end up catching up, but now we’re just enjoying lost time together after that break.

What’s Next?

Hardcover ProductHunt launch, Social Histogram visualization, continuing to focus on fitness and creating better balance in my life between work and play.

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