A little over a week ago I was reading a post on Reddit asking if someone should start a new project in Angular 1.x with Angular 2 “right around the corner”. When it comes to open source projects, time and time again it’s been a bad idea to try to make plans based on release dates. At Code School this comes up a lot, since we try to put out content around the time when a technology is hitting major milestones — but that’s not always possible.

The Idea

This got me thinking — there’s a lot of people posting in this thread saying Angular 2 is going to be released on some date. All of these are nothing more than guesses. I wonder if a larger number of people made a guess if we would get a better collective guess on when Angular 2 might be coming out?

With this question in mind, I registered ng-guess.com with the intention of answering this very specific question. I also wanted to create something super simple and launch it in the smallest timeframe.

Getting Started

I’m a huge proponent for creating a base repository to use when creating applications. These help get over the hump when setting up a project to where you are actually able to start seeing something working. I have a front-end template I use for this, adamfortuna/ng-seed, that includes Angular 1.5, Lodash, Angular Route and Bootstrap 4. I have a feeling when I want to give React.js or Angular 2 a try, one of the first things I’ll do will be creating a seed repo for it.

For this project, I planned out what I’d want the user experience to look like on paper. Basically just a single page where they could authenticate with GitHub, choose a date and then see the results from other people. Not too much to it!

Technology Stack

Since I wanted this to be a free site and not to have to worry about hosting, creating it as a static site was the obvious route to go. This would mean I’d need to use some cloud database storage, and it’d affect a few other things. With that in mind I started adding some dependencies!

  • Firebase – Cloud database to use for storing results and easy authentication
  • GitHub – Authentication via GitHub is super easy using Firebase. It took less than an hour to get bootstrapped and auth up and running.
  • Angular 1.5 – With only a few pieces of functionality, this application could easily have been accomplished without this.
  • D3.js – The graph of results is shown using D3. It actually updates in realtime, so if a lot of people are voting, you’ll see it move around.

The Code

The actual code wasn’t given much thought — it was just thrown together. If you’re curious about how something like this works, it’s available on GitHub at adamfortuna/ng-guess. There’s no tests, no refactoring to make things pretty — this is a quick and dirty app.

The Release

Having this as a static application with the source available meant I could host it on GitHub pages! Whenever I can use GitHub pages for a project I take advantage of it. The root application needs to be built though, so how do we go about deploying just the “public” folder to our GitHub branch?

Turns out there’s a cool Git command for this:

ng-guess $ git subtree push --prefix public origin gh-pagesCode language: PHP (php)

Running this will push up your local public folder to the gh-pages branch on your origin remote. This is exactly what you want when you publish the site. To make things easier, you can even add this as a git alias to make your life easier by adding this alias to your “~/.gitconfig” file.

  publish = subtree push --prefix public origin gh-pagesCode language: PHP (php)

Now you can run git publish and it’ll push up your application and release it!

Lessons Learned

It’s OK to do something small for fun and release it. I’ve never been a fan of doing small programming exercises for fun (loops, algorithms, etc), but creating a small functional website is a ton of fun for me. I’m going to look for more opportunities to try smaller iterations like this in the future when learning new technologies. Diving right into a new technology on a multi-month project increases the likelihood that something will go wrong and you’ll end up not coming away with a good takeaway.

If you’re curious to make a guess on when Angular 2 will be released, head over to ng-guess.com!


During the week between having the idea and releasing the application, Angular 2 beta was released! If you’re curious about checking it out, now is a good time.

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