Welcome to my blog! Since 2001 I've written619 postsabout software/personal development, technology, minimalism, FIRE, movies, startups and my life. These span three separate blogs, with all articles linked from here.

This blog Focuses on exploring the intersection of minimalism, mindfulness and technology + my journal.

Minafi Financial indepenence, investing and my journy to retire early (36 ✔️).

Hardcover Building Hardcover in public.

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Analysis of 10k people pursuing financial independence shows most millennials could retire by 40. Here's what they'll need to do to make it happen.

Every quarter I go over every expense I have and categorize it. This has led to a wealth of information on my own spending habits - some good and good bad. Here's an in-depth look at what I've learned.

A look into what's stood out from 3 years of early retirement life.

How I used Stable Diffusion to generate art nouveau inspired portraits of my wife.

Your FIRE number is often calculated by multiplying your expenses by 25. That's the amount of after-tax money you need. But how much extra do you need in taxes?