Your Office: Fun or Functional?

If you’ve ever seen pictures of the crazy work environments at Pixar or Google you’ll notice that most offices/cubes are cluttered, but people obviously get a lot done there. Well, IZEA decided it was time to bring a little of that creative clutter into the office and is having it’s own cube design content- – Cubico Loco!. The contest brought in many more themes than I would’ve guessed including a video games cube, a stripper pole and a champagne room (complete with condom dispenser).

There’s no shortage of pictures thanks to the camera-fiends at IZEA. When it comes to creating a workspace though, would you want something fun (themed, cube toys, colorful) or would you favor a workspace that’s purely functional? I decided to go with a fun but functional setup for my workspace, putting up something that could stay up year round. The theme? Flying Spaghetti Monster! Marilyn and I were able to create a little FSM plushie, along with a blowup of the famous noodly creation drawing. There are a few bits of pirate memorabilia, some random pasta, FSM stickers and such, and of course the gospel sitting high.

Of course this goes against my home office setup. It’s the very definition of a functional office. It makes a more sense to have that kind of setup at home to me, while keeping the office space more fun. If your work is lacking some decorations, I’d definitely suggest holding a similar contest. I also like the idea of a public vote for the winner, which will be factored in with interoffice votes for the winner. Please vote! It doesn’t have to be mine of course, but more votes can’t hurt. There’s plenty of great cubes better and more deserving than one worshiping and parody deity of a religion. 🙂

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