So here’s where i stand

The semester is almost at an end! This weekend I need to finish up a
JSP program, then I have a week to study for my one and only final.
THere will surely bea lot of celebrating between now and then too!
Between end of the semester, graduation and getting a job i’ll probably
be dazed the entire month of may. FCE offered me two weeks off before I
start up fulltime which is pretty cool too. I haven’t officially
accepted the position as of yet (well i haven’t been offered it in
writing either), so until then i’ll be looking around and seeing what
else is out there. I did apply for a few others positions, including one
at UCF in the Film & DM dept. Not too many CF jobs open in Orlando now
unfortunately. None in the last month on monster or careerbuilder at
least. Fun looking though! Employee Title: Application Developer

  • Aid in the clarification of business requirements from internal
  • Aid in the design and architecture of software models for simple and
    complex applications.
  • Act in the role of technical lead when deemed necessary.
  • Create tactical specifications and implement application code based
    on sets of design specifications.
  • Unit, integration, and regression testing of software modules and
  • Participate in the development code review process.
  • Software maintenance tasks including, but not limited to, bug fixes
    and code improvements.
  • Document all code produced according to department’s standards and
  • Regulate the development side of the help desk ticket system in
    adherence with bug management.
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