Quitting a job, but not a profession

Everyone dreams of the time when they can quit their job. If you’re lucky this rarely happens, but I can’t imagine the idea never crossing someones mind (or if so, please get me an interview there.). The concerns have been there for me since half the development team left around the beginning of last year, but resurfaced towards the end of the year. Today was my last day of work there, although I’m sure I’ll be seeing most the people again. It’s amazing to work at a place where even with over 100 people in the office I’d feel comfortable grabbing a drink and hanging out with any of them. I ended up giving 7 weeks notice to my supervisor, with plenty of time to pass on anything on to others in the office. We leave on great terms though, and I wish everyone the best. As for what I’ll do next? That’s quite a mystery at this point actually. I have a lot of goals, and for once, a lot of time. I’d love to read through a handful of books on my shelf, get Coldfusion Certified (more for the experience and learning those CF parts I might not otherwise learn than for a certificate) and build at least one production site from start to finish. Luckily I’m not in a rush to find a job at this point, although I did apply for one that looked interesting. At this point I’m perfectly happy laying back, working on the above items and watching for jobs as they become available. Coldfusion jobs in Orlando aren’t in abundance, but there are great opportunities out there for those who wait. It might sound sacrilegious, but I’m not ruling out the idea of taking an entry level position in a language other than Coldfusion. As much as I love CF, and honestly believe it to be the best web programming language for a huge amount of tasks; it’s still only the best web programming language of those I’ve been exposed to . At 24 there’s a lot I don’t know; and “traveling the programming world” is a trip I’d love to take. I’ll continue to look for CF jobs, but I’m still open to other web programming opportunities at this point.

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