What Are You Accidentally Accumulating?

When decluttering, one place that’s easily overlooked (for me at least) in areas where I have a bunch of something I use, but only use a specific few. The main culprit in my home is kitchen items. Coffee mugs, silverware, bowls, plates, spices, cups – there are few things I ever use up.

One area that has steadily climbed over the years for us snuck up on me: water bottles. Both Mrs. Minafi and I have received multiple bottles through our work which add up when you stay at a job for a while. More came into our house from various Disney adventures which always seem to include a water bottle.


While some of these were metal and long-lasting, some were plastic and started to wear out from occasional use. It doesn’t take more than 1 or two bottles each to satisfy nearly all use cases.

We recently lined up our water bottles and decided which to keep. After narrowing things down, we narrowed these down to a light running/hiking bottle, a gym water bottle, and a bottle for the office.

If my goal was to limit the number of possessions, this could easily be the same bottle, but for me, it’s more important to not need to worry about transporting a container from place to place. Too many times I’ve been caught at the gym without a water bottle – not a pleasant experience.

What items do you have in your home that you’ve let pile up while you use some but not all of them?

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