Shortcuts I couldn’t live without

I’m not talking about shortcuts on a quicklaunch bar — but anything you do on a computer that makes things go a little smoother. I pickup occasional things from [Lifehacker]( , and there’s probably more shortcuts in [CFEclipse]( than I’ll be able to be used to, but there are always the core shortcuts and key combinations that transverse programming languages that I love to learn about. Here’s a few of the basics that I’ve worked into my everyday life; some of which shoud be nothing new to most anyone; but make life a load easier. **CNTRL + (left arrow OR right arrow)** This combination skips to the next word in a document. If you’re using underscores it treats them as their own word as well. This is incredibly useful when you’re navigating through documents and need to move small distances quickly. Combine this with SHIFT and you can easily select words or sentances without dragging or waiting from the left/right arrow to select something letter by letter. **CNTRL + (HOME OR END)** Ok, most people probably know you can go to the beginning or the end of a document with this, but it’s just useful beyond words. **SHIFT + (HOME OR END)** Another obvious one — hit home then shift+end to select any line. **CNTRL + (UP OR DOWN) (MS Products)** This will jump the beginning of the paragraph when you use UP, or to the beginning of the next paragraph if you use down. **CNTRL = (UP OR DOWN) (Eclipse)** This will scroll the page up or down without moving the cursor itself. It’s extremely useful when you’re looking up functions in the current doc, or just need to see something a little out of screen without moving the cursor. **CNTRL + SHIFT + O (CFEclipse)** Surround the selected text in <cfoutput> tags. **CNTRL + SHIFT + D (CFEclipse)** Do a <cfdump> on the selected text. **CNTRL + ENTER (CFEclipse, Frontpage, Dreamweaver, just about everything else too)** This inserts a <br> element, instead of a new paragraph. **ALT + (UP OR DOWN) (Eclipse)** Move all selected lines up or down while keeping all other formatting the same. The beauty of this is that the entire line doesn’t need to be selected — it moves the entire lines from the one the cursor starts on to where it ends, so it never uses partial lines. **SHIFT + ALT + (LEFT OR RIGHT) (MS Products)** When working with a bulleted list, or a numbered list, you can indent or unindent single items using this. Doiing this on something besides a list will change the line the cursor is on to the next “Heading” which usually isn’t what you’ll want but has it’s uses as well. **Quick Basics: Windows + L** – Lock computer. **CNTRL + SHIFT + S** – Save all documents. **SHIFT + (PAGE DOWN OR PAGE UP)** – Select pages at a time. Anyone have any other somewhat less commonly used shortcuts for commonly used software out there?

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