September 23, 2006 – Going to Australia?

So something came up at work recently.  Seems they need a pair of people to meet with a client in the upcomming weeks and that one of them happens to be me. I’m getting my passport ready this weekend, because in about 10 days I take off for Melbourne, Australia. Aparently there’s a super-expidited way of getting passports where for a somewhat hefty sum, they’ll process your passport in a day and get it mailed back.  The end result is mailing out the paperwork on monday and getting it mailed back to you on thursday. I have no idea what i’ll be doing there for two weeks, but should be fun — and of course I’ve never been to Australia before. Only thing I’ll miss will be Marilyn. ;/  But at least it’s only two weeks, and it’s an extremely rare opportunity. With any other client I imagine we’d just talk via phone during the day, but any work done with Australia has to be done late at night for us, so it makes sense to send someone over for some extended work time. I’ll be heading over there with Vince, a lod of books and a laptop with CF, Flex, MySQL and a load of interesting code to review. 🙂

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