September 18, 2006 – Quite the Comeback

So this weekend I started playing around with Adobe Flex, only to be amazed by what it can do. Somehow it’s stayed below my radar, even with silentblade and CF United evangelizing it (I should’ve listened!). But anyways, I tried my hand at creating an application in it this weekend, so without further adieu…

Yes, it’s still in a very very early stage in development, but it’s getting somewhere. All the colors are flex defaults, and anything that requires styling has been left out until I learn the rest of the basics. The database is extremely old, so don’t go relying on it for accurate data — that’ll come later when users (also not yet created) gain the ability to add/update/delete arcades and games at an arcade. This won’t be limited to music games though, that’s just the data I had available from DDRei.

By the way, if anyone knows of any good Coldfusion hosts, please let me know -_-;

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