September 1, 2006 – Clearing My Head

Things are really starting to fall into place! The St. Pete house is sold and the apartment is cleared out and keys turned in. I’m down to one place of residence again. 🙂 Soon enough though, Marilyn will be moving in here as well! I can’t wait, it’ll be great having her here. Various financial things finally worked out. Basically Bank of America owns my soul for the next 30 years. Their web interface is really really slick though, and it even uses Coldfusion. Still have to try out some of their features online, but I’ve liked everything so far. Working as much overtime I can at my job right now while I have the chance, and now that they allow working at home on top of it I’ll have to decide how much I want to put in to that. I finally, did something with two of my domains the other day — and They’re both just simple wordpress installations, but I’ve been wanting to do something with those domains for a while. If anyone wants to post on let me know, even if it’s just once in a while! I’m looking for funny articles and stupid Florida people. 🙂

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