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Talking with someone from work today about my webhost had me investigating some of the many features that have gone unused on my account. They have great support — either through tickets or their wiki , subversion wherever and whenever you want, the ability to one click install loads of things, you can install trac , Ruby On Rails and just about anything you could ever want. To be honest, they support everything I want with one glaringly obvious exception — Coldfusion. I just noticed though they have a “Suggestions” section in their control panel (Home > Suggestions) where members can vote on features to implement. If you’re a Dreamhost customer, vote for it! Unfortunately it’s been on the suggestions list since 2004 so I’m not expecting much; but hey it won’t hurt to vote it up! I also added my votes for some other cool things like one click trac install and a handful of other interesting sounding features. Dreamhost has been amazing so far, which makes me stay a loyal customer. There aren’t too many services online I can say that I pay for, which means they offer some great services. I am anxiously awaiting when MediaTemplate offers more than just a tease of their ColdFusion services, as the rest of their setup looks very impressive. I’m still looking for a ColdFusion host though, so if you have any suggestions please let me know. The only real requirements I have are CF 7 (hopefully upgrading to 8 when it comes out), apache and multiple domains. Note: If you want to sign up with Dreamhost and want a full discount, you can use the promo code fortuna_waived which gives as much money off as possible ($97 if you order the 1yr plans). In other words I don’t make anything and you get full discount. Your second year will be full price I believe. Only thing you have to do if you sign up with this is vote for ColdFusion. 😉

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