This last week has gone by entirely too fast. Coding, going out, Micheal Moore, HK movies, classes, and massive amounts of work. Last week hit me hard too — 38 hours in a week most of my HW was due. There’s no longer any doubt though. The time I spend working out is inversely related to the time spent coding. There’s just no way around it. If someone finds a hack for this relationship, please let me know. So what’ve I been doing…

  • Messing around with [PEAR] packages
  • Adding Amazon DVD results to that movies script on Dymension (obviously not to make money, but just so I know how to do it)
  • FB4-ing Dymension to get it ready for multiple-user support (just for the hell of it)
  • Reading dedicated server, php5, and mysql5 articles
  • Working with WHM’s CGI scripts to automatically create hosting accounts
  • Working on another website I’ll probably never complete, so I won’t take the time to mention it

Things I’d like to do…

  • Finish what I started above. There’s a handful of websites I really want to work on. I just need to concentrate on 1 and stick it out. Maybe I’ll try to make a project timeline and prioritize these things.
  • Think of an insanely cool, attract-everyone kind of website. (well, I’d *like* to)

Eh, anyways; as someone I talked to today mention I should be trying out the things I want to do while I’m still ‘young’. While I don’t feel any older than I was yesterday (or last year for that matter), with graduation around the corner I guess it makes me think about it a little more. I’ll see if I can try a few new things before I say my farewells to college life in December.

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