Prototype, That other library that everyone uses

It seems I’ve been reading mostly about jQuery lately in an attempt to make the jump, but Prototype seems to be in the headlines lately. Prototype has been in a bit of a dark age it seems. In the past year the only change I’ve heard about is the addition of the class selector, $$(). That’s not to say other changes haven’t been committed in the trek from 1.4 to 1.5, which was committed earlier this week, but there hasn’t been a great deal of knowledge from the source on the changes. That’s one of the biggest draws of the jQuery community — open communication coupled with a thriving community that spreads the word overnight. That’s not something that can change with the Prototype community with a single site, but it at least it should motivate the core audience. The site was started by Sam Stephenson (the father of prototype) and Justin Palmer of Encytemedia . It is the new official Prototype site, and should serve as a jumping off point until Palmers Pragmatic Programmers book is released.

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