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One Firefox extension I’ve always had installed is the SearchStatus extension (I wouldn’t recommend running it at work though, as the Alexa stats can be skewed by a single developer hitting a page repeatedly). I’ve had a few sites throughout the years, none too popular, but to my surprise today I noticed the pagerank on shot up to a 7 since Googles last update!

Funny as well considering how many times I’ve changed my layout and entire html+style. This site gets so few hits, but it’s fun to challenge myself to find new and interesting things to write about; or create something if nothing comes to mind. I really need to do more of both, but it seems to be working as far as Google is concerned.

One thing that always seemed interesting to me was that although the ColdFusion community is relatively small, and primarily located on a few mailing lists, popular blogs and hubs; the pageranks all around are relatively high in comparison.

The main reason for this? Content! Even if the ColdFusion community isn’t the largest, there’s a ton of bloggers out there adding in their take on everything. This makes for great cross talk of ideas, links and everything else that works out to some interesting solutions.

The relatively small number of hubs is an asset in bringing people together- – just look at how Riaforge draws out community and hopefully will continue to bring more people to help. There’s great new blogs popping up left and right such as CFInternals or the many many others that show up at Fullasagoog everyday. For all those who think the CF community is in trouble , there’s where to start.

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