I admit it, I’m a packrat. Part of that is due to circumstance, but the majority is that I always tend to think “maybe I’ll need that!”. Nothing is this more obvious than my slew of old PC parts, cables, power adapters, and whatever else. I’m in the process of building a new office (which is going surprisingly well thanks to a new Ikea Galant Desk ) and part of “project simplify”, is to clean out anything that’s not essential.

The goal is that after a month I have the office complete, or at least usable with some decorating, but without all the clutter and old stuff that was in my old office. I tend to keep around old PC boxes parts come in, as well as old (possibly dead) hard drives and power supplies hoping the day technology might yet breathe life into them. But this is just what I’m trying to get away from. Taking a page from Zen Habits, I’m attempting to clear out as much stuff from my new office as possible.

Some things I’m finding it harder than others to get rid of, but then again I can’t imagine using that old Athlon 550 motherboard anytime soon. For those of you in this situation where do you dispose of this kind of thing? I image there’s computer recycling places around, but finding them is more difficult than I expected.

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