October 25, 2006 – Random Updates

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So way too much happening as usual. Working on a website, posting the progress over at my programming blog. Seems the lj feed stopped working, have to look into that. Should be a really fun site to make too! There is a public svn repository for it up that I’ll try to continue updating whenever I work on things. It’s in Coldfusion, built on Model-Glue Unity which implements Coldspring and Reactor. Really fun stuff from what I’ve seen, but I’m just a beginner at it at this point. Marilyn and I have seen quite the load of movies recently! We ended up seeing The Departed which let out at 11:58 on a Thursday night — which meant we had to stay for the Grudge 2 midnight release. The Departed was a lot better than I expected, and in some ways even better than Infernal Affairs (the HK version it’s based on). Overall i think Tony Leung (Leos character) did a better job of showing how scared he was of getting caught, and just selling that character. Andy Lau performance topped Matt Damons imo as well. It’s really those two characters that make the movie, despite everything else. The US version was still great though. Today we saw The Prestige which had quite the twists and turns throughout it. Great story and a definitely worth watching.

Just noticed that Bank Of America bought MBNA (credit card company). Logged into my BOA account only to see like 6 different accounts – Checking, Investments, Pending Checking, CC1, CC2, Mortgage. I swear BOA owns me, but it’s all so convenient!

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