November 21, 2006 – Free at Last (from FF12)

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So earlier this week I finished FF12 — well finished the storyline anyway. As much as I enjoyed playing it, it wasn’t on the level with 7 or 10 I didn’t think. I do love 12’s battle system though, and the overall number of sidequests and how they’re done seems well thought out; but I don’t see myself putting the time into them after ending the game overall unimpressed. It’s really in the same vein as 9, with some of the feel of tactics. It had it’s ups and downs, and overall I’m still glad I invested those 60+ hours in it. I think the last console game I played for any decent amount of time was Halo2, so nice to at least look forward to and play something again. Always make me want to program that much more when I’m done for some reason too. Saw Happy Feet with Marilyn and some of her coworkers this past friday. Thought it was going to be a completely happy, laughing all the way through movie, but had its moments as well. Also saw Death Cab For Cutie at the UCF arena on sunday night which I’d been looking forward to. Great band to see live, one of the few I’d want to see actually. Added bonus of not leaving the arena deaf too. UCF looks so completely different back there by the arena in just a year and half since I graduated too. Can’t believe how much they’ve gotten done in that time. Heading down to Miami with Marilyn this thursday for some great food and family time there. Should be fun, and haven’t been down to Miami in a while. Hopefully it’ll be warmer than Orlando. 🙂 Starting to feel a lot more settled in here lately as well. Two rooms that were really just being used for some storage, are now a computer room and (soon to be) a guest/storage room. Also Marilyn was able to unpack a lot of her books in what’s now her writing/reading/whatever she wants room as well. 🙂 Just have to clear out the garage so that I’ll be able to fit two cars in there and we should be good. Work is going about the same as always. Some news to report later, but nothing serious happening now. Trying to get some people to go to the Frameworks Conference in February. Think I’ll try to go regardless though, as it looks like a lot of fun. Lots of the speakers are guys who’s blogs I read religiously, and code I build on top of. Nice to hear from the source. Either way not staying at the $279/night-minimum-price hotel.

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