I’ve been neglecting this blog for quite a while. The main reason was that I wasn’t satisfied with how it looked, which was more of a deterrent than I would’ve guessed towards posting. Whenever I started writing something up I ended up tweaking the design instead. Instead of trying to fix a broken layout, I decided to go with a an entirely new one for now. Clean, cool colors and easy to modify. Another new direction for this blog will be the topics I’m posting on. In the past I was primarily talking about ColdFusion and framework, with a side of microformats and web standards. Lately though the only exposure I’ve had to ColdFusion has been at work, where the Java/ColdFusion/Flex stack is still going strong ( for the moment at least ). In my spare time Ruby On Rails has been the major motivator, with the new project I’m working on being the driving force. Although some work in progress posts will be over there, I’ll be posting more on Rails here as well.

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I'm , a full-stack product developer in Salt Lake City, UT. I love enlivening experiences, visualizing data, and making playful websites.

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