The number one thing I wanted to get done in January was change up my office setup. I wasn’t using it enough and always felt a little cramped or unable to concentrated, so much of the month was spent taking trips to Ikea to pickup furniture and supplies for a new office. It turned out better than expected. I went with a large corner that office some deskspace for a laptop on one side, a little workspace on the other. The Galant series of desks at Ikea filled this need better than any other alternative and for a decent price. One of the best parts about them though is that the legs are spaced far apart and no in the way like many desks. I can actully extend my legs and swing around without even hitting them! I haven’t done much in the way of decorating yet, but but I did pickup a few plants and some cheap stones at their base. We’ve since added something like this to our bathroom and it adds a nice splash of color. I have a few ideas for some wall art, but there’s no rush on getting that. Workspace is the same 3 monitors I’ve been using for a while now. My previous employer had a deal with dell and offered us all some 17″ flatscreen for a price we couldn’t pass up. The center monitor is a 20″ widescreen gateway. I wouldn’t recommend the Gateway though. It’s currently working, but went through a phase where it was taking up to a minute to start. If I leave it on for too long it also gets moody and starts flickering. Don’t think I’ll be buying a Gateway monitor again the future.

The main workstation is normal enough. I’ve been trying to minimize clutter and keep my desk clean (maybe I’ve been reading too much Zen Habits ) so only the essentials are on the desk. I’d like to later on come up with a better place for blank CDs and get some nicer speakers. You can’t tell from the pictures but there’s a soft light being my monitors controlled with a switch right out there. The monitors are on an Ergotron LCD stand Marilyn got me, which keeps the monitors level with each other and helps with space issues by not having three stands up there. If you’re interested in anymore shots, check out the My Home Office photoset on Flickr which has more in depth comments on the photos. Next step in Feburary will be doing a little cable management under the hood.

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