One of the projects I’d love to work on in the future when i have a better footing with current projects is a system for organizing movies online. There’s surely a million of them out there, but none seem to do what the little app I made back in college do. The main point of this ap was to have a place where I could enter in a ton of movies available, and from those sort by a variety of criteria including IMDB rating for them. I’m amazed it still works considering it was made so very long ago as one of my first projects. Man, what I had to learn to make that thing. PHP OOP, PHPs PEAR library to grab the info from IMDB, Amazon API, and some pretty damn good styling and colors if i do say so. Redoing this would definitely be one of the more fun projects I might work on in Model-Glue, with the ability for people to register of course.

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