*Required Skills: SQL, Crystal, Visual Basic, Delphi, JAVA, Java Script, XML, PHP, ASP, PERL, ColdFusion, HTML, DHTML, CSS, ASP, LDAP, Dream Weaver, Flash* Yeah, good luck with that.

Monster.com job posting

Reading Monster.com job postings. Not so much because I’m looking for a new job, but just to see what skills are out there and what the pay ranges are for them. Definitely feeling a lot of direction though. I’m enjoying the web programming path, but haven’t counted out some of the IT/security side.

Picked up a great book at B&N tonight: The Design of Sites. It’s not a coding book at all – it’s looking at the process of developing websites with sections for various types of sites (personal E-commerce, non-profit, educational, forums, etc). Really more about looking at design from a user-based perspective, and focusing on widely used techniques, some obvious some not so.

My biggest fear now is not passing one of my classes this semester though. I’m not doing so well in OS lab, so it might just be another semester of part-time at FCE with ONE class. Wouldn’t be a bad thing considering how much I’m learning there. I’ve signed up for that one class just in case I fail; worst case scenario.

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