May 30, 2008 – First Week at Izea

Started out normal enough… Is there a face under there? uh oh and shots immediatly after… Certainly the most interesting first week ever. The last friday of each month Izea has a party (Izea Loco) where all these pictures are from. For it they give out some awards, and basically bring the entire company together to socialize and have a little fun. There’s a potluck for food, some trivia for gift cards, new product demos and idea presentations, and then everyone can give shoutouts to someone on any other team thats been helpful (which is really a great way of recognizing people). Every month the team votes on one person to be that months Rockstar, who gets a little plaque and a good feeling of recognition (and $200). It’s a custom there that on peoples birthday months and anniversary months they take a cake to the face; and tequila shots for a first month there. Since I started on my birthday month I got off to a fast start. All photos up on flickr, and probably video from the 2 cameras at some point as well. Strange having fulltime cameramen around documenting everything, but makes for a load of photos and video!

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