May 15, 2006 – Update on Life

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May has always been one of my favorite months. In years past so many special events took place in this month! I’d come home from college to family, spend mothers day with mom, my birthday, my grandma’s birthday and later my moms birthday. It’s always been a very active month with an amount of family time even greater than winter time. Sad to see it change into just another month. Speaking of mothers day, I headed back to St. Pete to work on things a little more this weekend. Things are going quite well actually. Everything upstairs in the house will be saved now, and aside from a giveaway room and some kitchen stuff, the rest of the house is sorted through. I did stumble upon something that shook me up though. I cleaned out my moms closet last august when I went over most the house in search of her will. Then later I used the closet to store luggage, which was then cleared out for the yard sale. Going over it once more this weekend to make sure nothing was left upstairs I found something in there though. Hidden along the side was a Huntington Bank envelope with the words “Adam to Japan Fund”. There were dates money was added to it, little by little spanning both sides. The dates were far enough back before my mom inherited anything from my grandma when she was still hurting for money — but she was saving up for a trip for me. Hard not to cry when you spot something so heartfelt and unexpeted, even now I can’t. Somehow she came through with a birthday present this year too. Starting to get my credit in perfect standing now so I can start the loan process. It’s pretty close to clean now, but having no debt on my cards for a week or two before should help boost my rating a little. Still need to get a detailed report of my credit info so I can see what I can improve though. After that I can start the loan process and begin house hunting. Meeting with some Realtors in St. Pete this comming weekend to get a better appraisal on the house. Since my previous firm decided they may want to buy it themselves there’s no reason to stick with them right now. I’ll see what the others say before deciding what to fix up — which I should finally be able to afford in the upcomming weeks. Work is going well as to be expected. Lots of new javascript fun, and a cool trip to the collocation center last week at odd hours of the night (10pm-3am). Tonight (in addition to being hour 22 of 24) was the 2nd Orlando Ruby Users Group meeting, which turned out to be a lot of fun. Talking with people passionate about what you’re trying to get into is probably the best motivation in the world. Learned a little about some alternate deployment methods and setting up a dev box, but didn’t get too in depth with ruby. Really looking forward to CF United, which is still 42 days off, but equally inprirational. Now a days I haven’t really programmed in Coldfusion in months though, so it should be a flood of new ideas. Now though I’m messing around with DreamHost’s Subversion feature, which is a great deal for the price. It’s not over https, so wouldn’t use it professionally, but for fun and learning it’s a great pre-configured setup. A life update isn’t complete without ! Fun times, good food, movies, ddr/itg and more hanging out and talking than anything else. We’re trying to DDR more, and lucky for us the people in the apt below just moved out! My ITG memory card went through the washer unfortunately, so I had to go back a few months to my previous save game. Planning on going to see The Davinci Code this Thursday night at midnight. Whoever is interested is invited to join us!

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