May 13, 2008 – Last Day of Work at Westgate

Tomorrow is another last for me — last day at Westgate. I’ve basically checked out as far as doing work already though, so it’s going to be one of the more lazy days. Usually for peoples last days we do a long lunch, so tomorrow we’re headed out to Taverna Opa for some great food. Can’t wait to move away from Java/Flex and towards Ruby/Python. From Thursday to Monday Marilyn and I are headed down to the Keys for Kellys wedding, followed by a birthday/mini-trip to key west for sunday/monday. Should be a fun excursion. Anyone have any hot spots in the keys we should make it a point to check out? We’re going to do the tourism thing on skates sunday which looks to be a lot of fun. I’m just hoping there aren’t too many areas where skates are off limits. In that case we can always just walk around. I have all of next week off between jobs, so I’ll be doing the doctor/errand/chores thing and probably clearing out some things around the house. I’ve been slowly going through the last of the stuff from St. Pete, so I’ll probably try to have that cleared out before then as well. It seems when my life is more in order and simplified I get a lot more done. ArcadeFly is slowly taking shape, although I wish I could make some of the big leaps with it. I usually get pinned down by the small details. While those are great and enhance the user experience, they’re not core features. But either way, they’re fun, and the site will look that much more polished when it’s completed. Unfortunately I won’t be using OpenID or any other open format for the initial phase. It’s just not used widely enough for me for this one. Maybe for a project where web developers were accessing it, but I do think for a general audience most would be more confused by it. I know the first OpenID site I used I felt pretty dumb for not getting it. If I do do it at a later time I’d want it to be simplified so people don’t feel that way. But again, it’s a nice-to-have.

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