May 11, 2007 – The “You Nothing Done on Friday” Theory

The You Get Nothing Done on Friday theory is nothing new. I think it’s a staple at many places. Today however set a new low (or high) for the bounds of this theory. Here’s a brief walkthrough of my day.

9am: Get to work

9am – 10am: Talk to the 3 guys in my room about video games. Search around youtube for videos of people beating Green Weapon in FF7 at amazing speeds.

10am-10:45am: Meeting about Cairngorm.

10:45-11:15am: Playing Tactics 100

11:15am-1:00pm: Lunch at Timpano’s

1:00pm-1:30pm: Brians Birthday celebration (standing around talking and eating cake)

1:30-2pm: More Tactics

2pm-2:30: Cookie Day! (once each month, Westgate offers free cookies and soda to all employees so we all hang out in the break room getting sick on sugar).

2:30-3: Tactics discussion with other coworkers now playing it

3-4: Team meeting. We considered just playing cards until the end of the day.

4-5:20 More tactics.

Unfortunately, I had to stay late to wait for another guy who was working. I’d have felt guilty if there was anything I could’ve done to help. :p Most days are surely not like this, so best to savor them when you can!

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