Today was the start of Max 2006 , Adobes yearly convention exploring emerging developments with an outlook on the new year. With Coldfusion 8, codenamed Scorpio, waiting the weeds, a very recent Flex 2 release and now the much publicized Apollo project, looks like it’s going to be an exciting convention. Here’s some of the highlights from those giving firsthand accounts Image processing will be available in Coldfusion 8! This is one of the features that’s lagged behind in Coldfusion. There have been ways to get around this weakness using java, or libraries that extend it such as Alagad , but it’s not built into the language. Raymond Camden posted about some of the features such as resizing, adding text, pasting images over each other and capthas. There will now be a good deal more server monitoring features in CF8 such as active sessions, active queries, request throttle data, database connection pool, highest hit counts- – and much more are explored in Brooks Bilson ’s blog. Ray Camden also has a great article on server monitoring . Working with .NET won’t be as much the pain in CF8 either with the new .NET Integration . The ease at which web services can be consumed is one of CFs stengths, especially with other CF web services. Now .NET objects will be just as easy to work with. Ray Camden gives a nice example of just how easy this will be. [cfm] [/cfm] Sean Corfield covers all other Max links I’ve stumbled upon. Hopefully more details tomorrow.

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