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haha, wow! One of the items i took to iSoldItOnEbay did quite well (LOT GRINDLEY KEELE FLOW BLUE 6 PLATES 5 BERRY BOWLS)! Don’t even start with the “you should’ve sold it yourself” spiel because there’s so so so much I AM selling myself. The china cabinet was one section where I didn’t want to spend a week researching every last item in there — most without much to go on as to the origin. I’m keeping 2 sets of China that were very nice; i think one was my grandmothers, or perhaps great grandmothers, and the other was picked up by my grandfather when he was in Korea. Keeping 2 sets of silver too; one has someone initials on it which should give an idea of the origin once I break out the genealogy books. My Uncle grabbed anything else he wanted after my sifting (of course with my ok) so what’s left isn’t the sentimental kind. The rest is mostly small and will hopefully go in the garage sale with everything else. Speaking of which! The garage sale was (obviously) rescheduled. Marilyn and I are heading over there next weekend (3/18-3/19) for the main event. Don’t expect to sell everything, but should clean out a good deal of furniture as well as odds and ends filling up the house. If ANYONE wants to help out please get in touch with me!

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