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Never have a Yard Sale if you don’t have to. Marilyn and I took a trip over to St. Pete for the weekend where she very generously donated her weekend to helping me out (really, I can’t say thank you enough!). I never imagined how hectic a garage sale would be. I suppose if you have everything nicely grouped and priced before people get there that would be one thing, but when you’re talking about thousands of items, it takes hours just to get everything out! We opened the doors at 9am and it wasn’t until about 3pm when we had moved everything outside that we planned on selling — it was that hectic. The inside was only for furtinure, of which the TV and beige love seat & couch were sold. Although people swarmed in like vultures on saturday morning (hell, one guy came over on friday night), sunday was light in comparison. One of the highlights of the weekend was hearing everyone praise my moms taste (in music, movies, clothes, books and everything else), which always made me smile. Met quite a few interesting characters, and did about all the haggling I could stomach. In the end though we made enough cash to almost pay my taxes for the year, so that’s a little more I won’t be down this month.

We saw V for Vendetta over at Baywalk in St. Pete which was one of the few movies I’ve seen in recent years that exceeded expectations. Grabbed dinner at my moms favorite restaurant, a vietnamese place on US-19 as usual when I go back to St. Pete. To my surprise the apartment behind the house was NOT broken into. I changed the locks a month ago now, and a huge amount of the old tenants stuff is still in there. I’m talking piles and piles of clothes and books, dishes and some slightly more expensive items like a guitar, digital camera, tool sets and a car stereo. It’s an entire room full of stuff, which at this time i’d ask him for a fee to even get it back. :p Power in the apartment is off until next weekend, where i’ll be heading back to clean things out and deal with whatever else I can from the front house. One very unnerving discovery from the weekend dealt with my realtor, or the owner of the company my realtor works for. Aparently he wants to buy the house. A little too much conflict of interest there — might be time to shopping around for a new realtor.

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