March 17, 2006 – Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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You know it’s a good day at work when they say you can leave early if you want and you respond with… “I can’t leave yet, I need to sober up.” Yeah, fun working for the Bank Of Ireland. They had a nice catered lunch — Corn Beef and Cabbage, potatos, sausage and onions along with about 15 six-packs of Guiness (note: there’s about 40 people in the office, half don’t drink) which was all finished off by the end of the day. Leaving for St. Pete tonight with Marilyn. Lots and lots of work today and tomorrow morning getting things setup, but some of that can probably be done during the sale. Can’t wait for it to be finished; and seriously hope it clears out the house as much as I imagine it will. Either way the ads in the paper and the wheels are in motion, just a matter of time.

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