March 13, 2006 – Fun Times!

Originally posted on LiveJournal.

Been a fun week working my way into Marilyn’s life. Met with her family on Wednesday for dinner which went quite well, aside from being slightly lost in some the spanish conversation. :p Was introduced to Lord of the Rings Risk where the dice were consistantly rolled in my favor. Met quite a few of her friends over the weekend too, all of who seemed like a fun group to hang out with. Got to see her falling off her ass drunk again too, which was my entertainment for the night. :p

Man, Shula’s has some good steak. Tonight me and a few friends went down there for a semi-formal, semi-late birthday celebration. One of these days i’ll have to try the 48 oz-er, but tonight I enjoyed the appetizers, sides and desserts instead. Looking forward to wednesday for our next steak outing! Slowly trying out a lot more restaurants in the area, which is something I love doing. Found out the hole in the wall Thai place down the street is actually an upscale place. Never would have guessed it seeing as how it’s wedged between a store to buy theme park tickets and a Denny’s. Need to start checking out CitySearch for new places!

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