Recently Marilyn introduced me to a new songwriter who’s had be me laughing non-stop the last couple of days. It’d made me wonder what else is out there. So in the spirit of sharing, here are the things I’ve encountered in the last year that had me laughing the most (in the order i came upon them). Sure I’m leaving some hilarious things off, but this should cover the highlights. 🙂

Mc Frontalot is an amazing musician with some hilarious nerdy songs. introduced me to Nerdcore Rising around the same time In The Groove (1) was getting hot, and had me laughing at work for weeks. How do you not love a song like Romantic Cheapskate- – expressing how much a website loves him?

Flight of the Conchords are a folk duo with some of the most hilarious witty songs. Randomly flipping channels last year I saw them performing on Leno, and managed to catch them a few days later on HBO’s One Night Stand. My favorite songs of theirs are easily _ Business Time_ and The Humans are Dead .

I was only 3 years late on Firefly. Like other things on the list, Fox did it’s best to kill this one off for some reason, but witty dialog and Joss Whedon drove up DVD sales. With Serenity being released it seems like everyone ran out to see the series.

A Brief History of Nearly Everything. Who would’ve thought a 560 page science book would be so humorous? Listening to the audio book (which takes 18 hours by the way) is a good way to kill parts of a long trip or just a day at work. The amount of knowledge packed into those hours is just incredible though! He goes into such detail on the people, their quirks and oddities that you’re always wanting more. If you get a chance, read/listen to this one!

David Cross is one of the funniest men alive. If you want some vulgar, amazingly funny stuff, check him out. Listening to this inspired an awkward conversation back in December.

Arrested Development is up there in the comedy tv world. I only hope that now that i’m a fan the series will be renewed! It happened for Family Guy and Futurama, so why not Arrested Development? It’s nominated for best comedy this season, and if it manages a win I’d expect a new season.

Thank You For Smoking is the best comedy movie out in years. I had a chance to watch this one with Marilyn and some friends- – all of us walking out with our sides hurting. If you want to see the tone of the movie, just check out the IMDB Quotes for good laugh. Although you might need a different kind of a sense of humor

I’m going to impale your mom on a spike and feed her dead body to my dog with syphilis!

Move Ova 4 SupaNova is an absolutely hilarious and well made video by Tygerstyle and str0ngbad. Catchy as hell song to a video that actually makes me want to play DDR.

Tom Lehrer is another musical satirist(sensing a trend?). Marilyn discovered him only recently, and since we’ve both become huge huge fans. Hearing songs like Poisoning Pigeons in the Park, Be Prepared and New Math it’s hard not to laugh. I introduced a few coworkers to him in the car ride to lunch earlier today actually. 🙂 Funny how although his political songs were written in the 60’s they’re still just as relevant and hilarious today. What’s made you laugh the most in the past year?

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