I have had my share of problems with my 2002 Mini Cooper S. The sunroof clicks at random times and can’t seem to be fixed, the trunk has had it’s problem closing and at time the battery has been completely submerged in water. After about 4 trips to the dealership in the past year I’ve gotten quite used to this actually, but hadn’t realized how widespread these issues were until reading about them on Raymond Camden’s blog . The trunk problem has been the biggest deal so far. On three occassions now I have taken it in to be fixed only to have it break again. The back bumper inside the car has a few screws that hold that inside bumper to the frame of the car. Somehow these screws came loose- – 3 times. This wouldn’t be much of a problem, but with them loose, the water seal that goes around the trunk hasn’t been able to seal, so water gets in. Keep in mind that the battery for the mini is under the floor in the trunk, where a spare tire would be for most cars. On 3 occasions now I have opened my trunk to see STANDING WATER there, which means the battery is completely underwater. I’m sure this has nothing to do with how I’m closing the trunk, since something is repeatedly comming lose. I’m taking it back to the dealership for it’s last checkup before my warrenty runs out later on this week, hopefully it’ll be fixed once and for all. It’s somewhat funny that Mario, my fellow cubicle mate at work and Raymond Camden all have Mini Coopers and have all had such serious issues. I’ve yet to find someone that hasn’t had such problems actually. Even with that I love driving the car, I just hope I’m still able to in a few years.

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