June 3, 2006 – Same Old, Same Old

Last weekend was amazing! I’ve been on a bit of ride since then, and a little busy, but finally got the pictures all developed. Yes it was before I bought a new digital camera, so they had to be developed. Amazing trip though! We stayed at the Marriott World Town Center down near Disney for saturday and sunday night, hitting up the parks during sunday and monday. Marilyn planned out a great schedule of Animal Kingdom, Epcott and Magic Kingdom on Sunday, followed by sleeping in and MGM Studios on Monday. I’d never been to Animal Kingdom or MGM before, and only went to Magic Kingdom once when I was 4, so it was almost entirely a new experience. Marilyn led the way as we hit up Everest, Dinosaur, It’s Hard to Be a Bug, Kilimanjaro Safari and the water rapids at Animal Kingdom; Morrocco (for food) and Mission Space at Epcott, followed by the Stitch Encounter, Philhar Magic, Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain, Spash Mountain, the Jungle Cruise and ending the night to fireworks and very very sore feet. Monday was entirely MGM where were able to take our time quite a bit more and see basically everything there. The only thing we really missed was Soarin’ which had the longest wait of anything at any park (2 hrs!). But yeah it was a great weekend, just annoying that it had to end. Aside from a dream Orlando vacation, I’ve been getting things ready to take that step and buy a house. Last satuday I did the pre-approval thing on a house loan officially at Bank of America, then talked to a Realtor on Wednesday. This guy doesn’t fool around or drag his feet — because by wednesday night he’d gotten back to me with properties meeting my criteria he thought i’d like. After looking them over and weeding out a few he made some arrangements and yeah, tomorrow morning at 11am we’re off to look at 12 of the properties he gave me a little information on. All are 3bdr/2bth homes, the majority of which are in the Williamsburg area in Orlando (that area around Central Florida Pkwy and Organgewood/Universal). Think i’ll be able to choose and close on one before the end of August. I can’t wait to see them tommorrow! Picked up a new camera to take some pictures of the houses i’m looking at. It’s a sweet, sleek Nikon with an amazing menu, but I’m still trying to get it to take some perfect pictures. Speaking of which, I took more than a few pictures of the ValleySchwag I got in the mail early today. ValleySchwag is cool idea, and hey, it’s a new tshirt in the mail every month. That’s more new clothing than I usually pick up in that time.

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