June 26, 2006 – Let’s see… Just the Facts

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Following many other peoples bullet-style life update posts, here’s what’s going on. Inspection and financing on house have gone through. After I sign the loan contract and mail it back there’s really nothing left for me to do except offer up the downpayment come July 26th (with the loan side of things that is). Planning on moving either in late july or early august. Think i’ll actually do it during a weekday since I haven’t taken a single day off since last august (that wasn’t made up sometime during that week that is). Watching tons and tons of World Cup (including a few games with Marilyn ;). Taking some long lunches at work to watch the 2nd half of games. There’s no team I’m really rooting for, but it’s fun to watch.

Went to St. Pete this past weekend with Marilyn. Unfortunately it ended up raining so we weren’t able to finish everything. ;/ Plans now are to get the house on the market next sunday; which means heading back to St. Pete one more time to add a little curb appeal. I found out how big the house is while talking to the realtor which I didn’t realize before either — 3420 sq ft. We also took a little break to see The Lake House which was pretty good, but I had my own opinions on how it shoudl’ve ended. :p

Tomorrow @ 6pm I leave for Washington DC for CF United! Heading up there with Colby from work, and meeting up with Brian (former boss at FCE, and one of Colby’s groomesmen at his wedding). We’re planning on eating lots of crabs (locally harvested), drinking at Dave and Busters and hitting up every panel I can get myself to. Some of the topics look extremely interesting, and i’m sure i’ll make it to enough talks to wear me out on programming for the weekend. Just in case I have a Ruby for Rails and Pragmatic Version Control using Subversion to keep me busy for the flights.

Marilyn and I hit 4 amazing months together this past weekend as well. She cooked up one of the best pasta dishes I’ve ever had, and even had leftovers for tonight. Need to eat it before it goes bad when i’m gone after all right. 😉 We have some fireworks planned (Eola style) for next week which I’m looking forward to!

I’ve started keeping a todo list that’s actually updated. It really helps clear my head to be honest. I think part of that comes down to the way it’s managed. I found this cool article on managing a todo list using the Getting Shit Done system that I’m following at this point. It’s a very simple idea really: you carry around a notepad which has a list of everything you need to do TODAY. You can either check something off (as done), mark is as deleted (to never do) or make just a \ on something and move it to another day. The idea is that everday everything on your list is managed in one way or another. It’s working really well so far, and it clears my head to know I have something to do but that I don’t have to worry about it until a set date. It requires a little time to manage, but it’s worth it — and gives me a little something to do at lunch.

Even though I missed Rails Conf this past week, it’s nothing to lose sleep over. Being the novice I am it would’ve been a run experience being around all the experts, but then again a lot of the topics might’ve been over my head. Between reading the slides and checking out all the Rails Day sites (you can check out the repositories! How cool is that?!) I’ll have plenty of reading to fill all the time I could come up with.

AFO is comming up next month (the weekend after I close on the house!). I’m sure we’ll be going, probably saturday as usual. So who else is going?

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