June 25, 2008 – Office Cube Suggestions?

So my work is having this contest, dubbed “Cubicle Loco” focused around doing up our cubes for next wednesday. They’re going to take some pictures and post them on the company blog for people to vote for, then the winners get $500/$200/$100, respectively. Sounds like fun, and I needed an excuse to decorate my extremely bare corner of the office. We all have little half corner kinds of cubes — think about a 135 degree angle with a corner desk, and flimsy walls that go from 1ft-5ft high at the 2 sides from the vertex. I’m thinking about going with Marilyn’s suggestion of a Flying Spaghetti Monster theme for it. 🙂 It’s an internet company so there’s little chance of something being too obscure. I still don’t know everything I’m going to do for it yet though. I’ll surely make some FSM diety this weekend that’ll be on my shelf (which is above my monitor). I’ll have the FSM/Adam picture on my monitors — FSM on the larger monitor, Adam on the laptop monitor slightly below and to the left. Thinking the walls will be covered in some default blue/green canvasing of some kind with something pointing out a mountain and a midget. Also some clouds that will be repositionable on the canvas and more hanging from the shelf. My magazine rack might have some pirate magazines if i can find any, with the gospel up there of course. I’m still trying to think how I’ll work pirates into it all, and I have a little white board I can mark up with whatever else. I’ll probably grab a case of ramen for below the desk, and a few venganza pirate fish fossils on the floor. Still seems pretty bare and missing something though (namely pirates). Would posting an add on craigslist for a midget be too much? Any suggestions for a FSM cube — or themes you’d want to decorate yours with?

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