June 12, 2006 – Life Update

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Fun weekend back in St. Pete with Marilyn. Got all dressed up for Colby’s Wedding, and Marilyn got to meet the bulk of people I work with. Very nice and well done wedding; went very smoothly aside from the non-vegetarian vegetarian dishes. But there was an open bar, so no complaints. Marilyn looked amazing all dressed up of course, as many people from my work pointed out to me. We had a fun outing to Albertsons that’s well documented in the journal Marilyn is keeping in my car; but i’ll leave it at that. 😉 Marilyn also reminded me that the picture from that set where I’m outside and look the happiest was when I was watching a little girl wandering dangerously close to a large goose. Luckily (for her) nothing bad came of it. :p

Things are comming along on the St. Pete house too — should be all set to move out by late July. I am a little worried about the house with this hurricaine about to hit over there — as I just learned over the weekend that insurance on the house expired on May 27th. Need to get that fixed asap. Luckily the windows are resistant up to 160mph now, so the only worry is the roof; or the apartment. I’m not too worried, but I can’t wait for it to all be finished.

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