The house is almost mine! We vollied back and forth with offers and came to an agreement! Yes, I’m going to be a homeowner soon. 🙂 It’s a great looking place out in Metro-West just off Winter Garden on a nice natural lake. Still settling on a mortgage which is turning out to be more of a headache than I expected. Should be as easy as taking the one with the lowest rate, but with the fees they charge in addition it’s a few more variables than that. Pretty sure I’ll just go with Bank of America, as they have a very competitive rate, no closing costs and the best support/stability of anyone i’ve talked to. The annoying thing is I keep getting calls at work (I stupidly put my work number on the “work number” field on One of the best conversations of the day went like this: Him: Have you decided on a lender yet? Me: Yes I have. Him: Would you mind telling me the rate? Me: 4.1% (note: this would be an insanely low rate) Him: Wow, are you sure they can live up to that? Me: Yeah, I’m holding his wife hostage. Him: … ::click:: Me: Hello? After the 4th or 5th call you just have to start having fun. Anyways, the closing date on the house is July 26th, with the time in between being for house inspection, termite inspection and then lots of behinds the scenes work I don’t have to worry about (title search, insurance, other things that I have to pay for). The end result is about 8k in closing costs, and that’s without bank costs. No way I could usually afford the downpayment and closing cost for a few years, that’s for sure. :/ But I think getting a house is putting some of my moms’ moms’ money to good use; and the mortgage is well in my means even if I’m living alone (hell i’m paying more than that now with the St. Pete house + Orlando rent w/o inheritence -_-). Next question will be for somewhere down the line – get a roomate or not? Looks like after 4 years with Zac as one we’ll be splitting off our separate ways, him with his gf and me (somewhere down the line 😉 with mine. The house is a 3/4 bedroom place though, so i’ll have some spare rooms to rent out if anyone comes along. 1 room will surely be a study/computer room, but still 2 rooms and their own bathroom will be free. That’ll be for a later date; but if you’re thinking about needing a place to live in Orlando, and a 12×11 room with a large bath shared with at most one other person is good, let me know. 😉

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