July 27, 2008 – ArcadeFly Alpha Testing?

So, ArcadeFly is coming along. It’s still a work in progress (some pages more than others) but I was able to deploy it out to the world yesterday and now it’s ready for some real world use! I’m not spreading the word about it just yet, but I could really use some feedback on what’s out there right now so I know what to focus my time on next. Interested in giving it a shot? The site (of course) is Some of the most useful stuff is still being worked on, but at least it’s possible to browse just about everything and modify arcades/games at an arcade. I still need to work out some sort of a system so that people don’t go through and check all arcades/games in the system (in other words, please don’t do that :). It’s missing polish on quiet a few pages, but don’t let that bog you down. If you know of any arcades or games at any arcades feel free to add them. 🙂 If you’re checking it out, could you give me a few suggestions on what to work on next? Maybe any errors or unexpected things you came across. Or if you wish it was able to do something but it’s not in there yet. Soon enough it’ll be open to a wider audience, but until now it’s going to be on the down low until I come up with a better access system for modifications. Thanks!

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