July 13, 2008 – Verizon to Virgin

After 4 years with Verizon, and 6 months with Virgin Mobile it’s finally time for a cool phone! Like just about anyone reading this, I’m a technology nut, but i’d never embraced getting a new phone (usually because the verizon ones didn’t amaze me). But hey, after making the switch to macs it’s the right time. I tried to get one on Friday, which was basically a waste of time. I showed up at a local AT&T store at 7:45 (15mins before open) and only saw 3 people in line. I thought maybe I’d gotten lucky with a store no one knew about (it wasnt even out on the listing for the strip mall, and the phone number on the AT&T directory was wrong). But At 8:15 they still hadn’t opened. After work (during that monsoon that hapend on Friday) I tried again at that AT&T store, but it turned out they weren’t involved with the launch (wtf? i thought all AT&T stores were). The one a little farther down Colonial by West Oaks Mall had some earlier in the morning, but by night they were sold out and only taking “7-10 day orders”. AT&T store in the mall just laughed in a “of course we don’t way”. After some let downs on Friday I decided to give Millenia a shot on Saturday morning. Yeah, I didn’t realize how long it would take. I got in line at about 9:25am thinking they opened at 10; but turns out the mall opens at 9am on Saturdays. There was obviously a long wait, but at least the couple people in line around me were all grouping together to chat and pass the time. Also took breaks to get breakfast, use facilities, just walk around and finally lunch. The line was going fast until about noon when the west coast stores opened up. At that time we moved about 5 feet in an hour. But hey by 3pm I was in the store and signing up! Really easy signup process though. They had lots and lots of people walking around with portable devices to setting up customers. They’d see what kind you wanted then start the process (in my case of porting over my number). They asked the typical questions; and 10 minutes later it was ported over (without even needing to open the iPhone). At that time I was free to take off, but they encouraged people to register it in store by hoooking it up to iTunes. After a few minutes there, and associating my phone with Mobile Me i had all my contacts and was able to call Marilyn before leaving the store. Very smooth process after getting into the store for me. So after 5 years of having lame phones finally time for a good one! I honestly don’t use my phone much, so I like the idea of having the web (and full internet browser) with more than anything else. The apps I’ve checked out for it are ipressive so far too, so i’m looking forward to seeing how those develop. Anyone else thinking about getting one? or already have an iPhone?

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