July 13, 2006 – Work, Houses and Stuff

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So close to being done with the house purchase! Close on it in a little over 2 weeks, with the thursday before AFO being the day I can start moving on in. Turns out they’re moving the day of the closing, and into the next day, but luckily I hadn’t planned on a mover in that period just yet. I’m thinking I’ll take a day off the week after AFO and do the move from St. Pete then (probably hiring a moving company), which will be the hardest part. Moving from here over there won’t be too big a deal. Watched Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance with Marilyn the other day. It’s by the same directory as Oldboy, created a year earlier. Entertaining messed up movie, but not on the same level as Oldboy. Marilyn had the best quote after it — “I want to watch something happy — even something with just one murder will do.” Really want to check out Sympathy for Lady Venegance as the main leads are from Oldboy and Joint Security Area, and both great actors.

Doing some pretty cool stuff at work lately. Actually getting into this super huge, multiperson project more than just the intterface now, so it’s nice to see it comming together in code. Just getting the framework and some helpers done now to make things easier though, so the first couple tools are taking far longer than anything else will. Have a whole ajax framework up, no repetition in code, single places for everything, just looking real sweet so far. Long ways to go though. Anyone use Subversion? We’re using CVS and wanting to switch, but still having trouble selling management on moving to it with any sense of urgency.

House sale is going well too. Realizing how much of a hassle it would be to fix up the house to standards where it could even get insurance. ;/ Insurance = financing on the house, so without it offers would have to be cash only. I was able to get insurance at about 4x the standard rates in the condition it’s in though, so it’s not a death sentence. The problem is that the house uses knob and tube wiring (it was built in ’27). This is supposedly a huge fire hazard and why it’s almost impossible to get insurance with it (not to mention the whole being in florida + hurricaine season thing). But have received some cash offers on the house even still. I really don’t want to have to have the entire electric redone in the house. Doesn’t look like i’ll have to get a decent price for the house. There’s always the option of fixing up the house, pouring 100k into repairs, contractors doing everything and reselling it for more; but there’s risk in doing that, that I would rather not face right now. Who knows, maybe i’ll buy a house to fix up someday in my life, but it’d be because I wanted to do it. By the look of things, I might have the house sold, and closed on by the end of August. Can’t wait!

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