July 12, 2007 – Who Wants CDs?!

Going through my CDs folder over the weekend with Marilyn, I noticed a few really old things archived. Since I wouldn’t be surprised if people hadn’t seen these in many years, I had to take the chance to post these gems on Youtube. If you want any of these removed — well too bad. :p Without further ado…

XS Tournament

_October 20, 2001 in Orlando, Florida. More info_1st: Superstar by
Saints Goes Marching by AlexDEntertainer
Stomp To My Beat by Batman333
Jam Jam Reggae by
Only You by Dancing Baby
Burnin the Floor by
Graduasic Cyber by
Drop the Bomb by

Celebration Station Tournament

November 23, 2001 in Clearwater, Florida. More info
1st: Paranoia by AlexDEntertainer
2nd: Stomp to my Beat by Batman333
3rd: End of the Century by DJ IcyTysie
Put Your Faith in Me by
Love This Feelin by

Tournaboom 2k2

February 1, 2002 in Dania, Florida. Really bad quality. More info
1st: Radical Faith by
2nd: My Generation by 2 Ninjas ( and )
3rd: Radical Faith by Dancing Baby
Captain Jack by
Rhythm and the Police by

There are few more technical videos with , , and many more. All originals are slowly going up to ddrei and should be finished tomorrow. Check out the dss_improv folder for a few laughs. These are all the videos I have from the old Florida days.

Don’t it feel good to be a packrat. 🙂

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