January 9, 2006 – Blog Sync

Originally posted on LiveJournal.

In an attempt to get all my posts from various blogs synced up (for reasons which shall remain nameless at this point), I moved all my old Dymension posts over to LJ. Still need to sync will Dyoit, but that can be done last. The hellish part will be tagging all my old posts — most with a boring tag I imagine, as Dyo: the early years is painfully redundant. If you have the stomach for it, posts are up as far back as 8/2001. Moving some of them over I noticed talk about the winter Olympics which are comming around in the next month too. Work on the new site is going along well. Template is done, rails installed and the basics of what’ll be in version 1.0 mapped out. Now i’m to the part where I have to put my knowledge to the test and code something in a language I’ve never used before. Should be fun though; slow yes, and with lots of looking back at the book, but fun. I really want to get this idea out there before someone else takes it, so that’s a little motivation to work at it. I realized today that pretty much all my stress in life revolves around St. Pete right now. Tenant, fixing house, estate sale, moving everything back to orlando.. ugh. Talked to realitor today about how to handle some of it at least, so hopefully I’ll have some advice to run with. It’s hard to keep straight what to do next — which just means I have to slow down and take things one step at a time. Meeting with someone that handles estate sales this comming weekend, which will hopefully clean out the house quite a bit. I want to get a truck and move whatever is left to Orlando, but luckily that’ll come last. Anyways, I need to work on St. Pete stuff more; it’s really been taking a back seat lately and at this rate I’ll never finish.

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