So the last day of Otronicon was much fun. Met quite a few cool people I’ll hopefully stay in contact with — most of which are fringe gamers who play more for fun than hardcore tournament guys. The final round of the tournament was down to 30 people, of which only 16 came today. Fun little tournament through. I did awful at Star Wars Battlefront II (3 points, 4 kills, 8 deaths), and just about as bad in GT4 (1:03 on some course I’ve never played before). DDR was on Ultramix 3, so the max score is 100m regardless of the song you choose. I ended up with 7 greats on Butterfly light on their pads; which was the 2nd best DDR score (Alex beat me by a great ;p). Scoring was well done though — they rank the players in each game, so if you’re first in a game you get 16 points. Add up your rank in all 3 games for the total score (which was 44/43 for first and second). I thought i’d done terrible and was out of it, but they called me and another guy back in saying there was a tie and we’d have to play one of the games as a tiebreaker. Aparently he’d done similar to me — won Star wars but just mediocre in the other games. I won the coin flip, choose DDR and came out with 2 greats on butterfly. Poor guy; it really came down to a coinflip. Anyways, Alex got 1st ($2500 in computer stuff with an athlon 3700, 17″ lcd keyboard, mouse, good video card etc). Someone I don’t know got 2nd, but aparently he’s been there everyday this week practicing. He was only 1 point behind Alex too, so even that was close. To my surprise though, I placed 3rd and got an Xbox and a remote/media center thing for it! Fun tournament, especially since after the first game I assumed I was out of the running. 🙂 Anyone want to buy an Xbox (original)?

Fun pair of pics from Otronicon (thanks to Alex). Winners on stage / All scores / Official rankings– CT guys on the left, Halo 2 winners on the right. They had Halo 2 setup in the Imax dome for the finals which was pretty awesome to watch. The players were using regular TVs of course, but the audience was able to watch 2 screens on 40foot projections on the dome. The winner of the Halo2 tournament got an xbox 360 full bundle, 2 gaming chairs and some other stuff. If anyone plays Halo 2 keep an eye out! They’re going to be doing tournaments every 3 months at the Orlando Science Center. Still waiting for news on my camera, but should hear back before Megacon (man, it’s 3 weeks from this weekend?). For those of you going, what days will you be there (or here in Orlando)? I’ll probably show up just saturday as usual, but probably meet up with whoever is in town the other nights.

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