January 26, 2006 – Friends Quitting

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For a work week that started out well it really took an unexpected turn. Everyday since my happy monday post someone in the IT department has quit, two of them being guys who have been there longer than me. That’s 3 people resigning in a department of 12. 2 of those being developers of which there were 9, now only 7 (with 3 being new). That really leaves one developer that’s been there a while longer than me and another 2 that were hired the same time as me and have a similar skillset. Of the three that left, all had other jobs lined up — Lockheed, Orange County and Westgate Resorts. The ironic thing is that if I stay there now I’d be in a position to move up, either to some interesting .NET programming or as a Database administrator (both as partial positions to whatever else i’m working on). There’s one thing I’ve always thought odd actually, but I haven’t worked in enough jobs to know for sure. Do all (or most) IT/CS positions require people to multitask between a number of areas and projects? I suppose it would be like a software company with 5 software releases (and more in the works) supported by 9 people — meaning that everyone has to work on a little of everything. I haven’t taken the plunge just yet (or even talked to them about it), but i’m still planning on resigning as well. It would’ve been funny hearing people say “Adam, don’t leave us to!” tonight at one of their going away parties had I not been thinking this. I’m not in a crunch for time though, so I’m taking things easy and making sure this is what I really want (well, and that when I do it i’m ready to jump into something new and not just sit around). I’d feel worst about this new project that we’re working on going from 4 to 2 developers — especially considering FCE is doing this for their parent company because we’ll do such a good job. 🙂 Anyways, decisions I make will be based on what I want to do with my life, it’s just unfortunate timing.

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