January 25, 2010 – Project Manager + Dev?

It’s right around job review time most places, including over at my work. For this year they decided to offer me a promotion from my current developer position up to “Project Manager / Developer”. It’ll basically be exactly what I do now (taking specs, creating/developing, evolving, answering questions from the rest of the team). Only difference would be that I’d be 100% responsible for when the site goes down, rather than 50% responsible for it as I was before (and 100% responsible when it goes good too).

Only thing to still work out is the salary side. Right now there’s no raise associated with the promotion as presented. I asked to talk about it in more detail, and they’re going to see what they can swing tomorrow then we’ll meet again Wednesday. I really like working there, so I’m not looking to leave – just get a fair deal. One thing that confuses things right now is that Izea is shopping around for their next round of funding – so the books are being scrutinized and presented to would-be investors day in day out; so they are concerned with any large raise/promotion would skew the burn rate. I’m confident they’ll treat me fairly, but I’m still looking for any advice on how to handle the situation. It’ll mostly depend on what happens on Wednesday. Before that though, any ideas?

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