January 23, 2006 – Just a Mini Fix

Originally posted on LiveJournal.

Finally got the Mini looked at today, for the leaky hatch. Luckily Orlando has been dry since then as my wipers have been broken for the last few weeks as well. Turns out there was a small problem. I don’t know how but these three screws that hold the base of the trunk (where the trunk latches to the base of the car near the bumper i mean) were somehow knocked out. This was letting water run through the actual latch and come out where those 3 screws were on the other side. Also the latch was a little faulty somehow. Anyways they said water could only get in a drip at a time and it would take “forever” to fill up the trunk at that pace. Guess they underestimated Floridas bad weather. Camera is in for service at Best Buy as well. It’s a long shot that they’ll fix it, but doesn’t hurt to try. They didn’t ask me what happened to it; only what was wrong with it, so i don’t feel quite as guilty as I probably should. ;p

I was actually looking forward to work today for some odd reason. I guess wandering around downtown and reading Defensive Design for the Web over breakfast put me in a programming mood. I’ve been doing some fun stuff lately too. Mostly javascript prototyping ajax and class design along with internationalization (making a site work in multiple languages, with different currency, date formatting, calendars and timezones). I’ve always enjoying making sites based on standards (xhtml, css, semantic markup, separation of content (MVC), all that) so separating out the localized content is really just the next logical step.

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